Refugees at Al Wehdat Camp Need Your Help

Just for a moment, imagine this scene: armed soldiers come to your home with this message: “You must leave your home, forever. Take only what you can carry. Go right now or else you and your family face certain death.”

First, you’re shocked. Then you’re afraid and desperate… but to survive, and to protect those you love, you have no choice. Your family quickly packs a few things in despair. You all say goodbye to your home and your former life. Then you walk for days on end with your neighbors to some foreign camp from which you may never return. For decades to follow, you feel the sharp edges of life as a refugee.

You and your children, your relatives, and many of your former neighbors are confined, hungry, exhausted, homeless, and sick. Your desperation deepens each day yet you carry on, somehow. Then, one day, a starving woman in your camp sets herself afire because she cannot stand the pain of watching her two children slowly die in agony from starvation. But her protest brings no help to the camp where you live.

Most refugees living in Jordan’s many camps today have no medical insurance. Many are very poor. Some lack even a stable means of subsistence. Many lack the basic necessities — adequate food, clean water, clothing, safety, and shelter. They feel their hunger, exposure, homelessness, poverty, illness, shame, and despair just as you would in their place. They long for their lost home as you would. Yet they try to endure.

Many refugees at Al Wehdat Camp lack access to even basic, primary medical care, so they don’t receive timely treatment when ill or injured. The children, the aged, and pregnant women are most vulnerable. Unemployment is high, especially among women. Some refugees have survived in this camp up to fifty years in squalid conditions, still waiting to go home. Many die who could easily have been saved by even basic medical care.

Free Jerusalem Clinic is a medical blessing for the poor and needy of Al Wehdat Refugee Camp. This Clinic provides free medical treatment and free medicines to refugees who cannot afford to pay. The doctors and staff of Jerusalem Clinic were born of refugee parents in the Wehdat Camp. This dedicated staff and generous past patrons who support the Clinic provide more than a ray of hope. These workers provide the only healthcare the refugees can access.

Generous donors like you make possible vital medical services to cure diseases and resolve conditions that would not otherwise be treated. But the nonprofit Clinic’s power to heal is limited by funding challenges. The rhousands of destitute adults, children, and orphans of Al Wehdat Camp need your help. They need it right now.

It takes at least $7,000 US per month just to keep the Clinic open. Yet growth is required to better meet the demand. A single, extremely kind donor has supported the clinic alone for months now. His compassion is exhausting his means to help.

Please contribute to enable the Clinic continue its work and also expand to treat even more patients. Know that your gift increases even as you give it. The average income disparity between the USA and Jordan is roughly ten to one. So the buying power of each dollar contributed is multiplied. Your gift’s effect increases about tenfold.

After physical safety and basic survival, healthcare is the most fundamental human need. Al Wehdat Camp’s victims of conflict need your help and they need it now. Please contribute to help save lives, to enrich the lives that are saved, and to help these displaced refugees realize their human potentials. Give for the sake of the children.

Thank you in advance for your gift of better life for these refugees! If you can manage it, please consider selecting the option for a continuing pledge. Every dollar you contribute helps to save lives, make refugees healthier, and reduces or eliminates some suffering.

Give now. Give generously.

Please click the Donate button now! Fill out the form, choose your donation amount and payment method and donate. PayPal accepts member donations directly or through major credit and debit cards. If you prefer, use the bank wiring process to send your amount. All of the wiring instructions here are for you.

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