Free Jerusalem Clinic

My visit to Free Jerusalem Clinic

Free Jerusalem Clinic, I wanted to thank you so much for a really interesting and enjoyable day.  It was very enjoyable to see the way the clinic functions!  I loved seeing how the patients, especially the children, responded to your very kind doctors, nurse and other staff members.  Both Dr Mohammed and Dr Attia were clearly very popular with the children who visited!  I wouldn’t be surprised if these same little guys grow up wanting to be like your own staff. Everyone was so kind and happy!  I really wasn’t sure what to expect.  My… Read More »My visit to Free Jerusalem Clinic

Refugees at Al Wehdat Camp Need Your Help

Refugees at Al Wehdat Camp Need Your Help

Just for a moment, imagine this scene: armed soldiers come to your home with this message: “You must leave your home, forever. Take only what you can carry. Go right now or else you and your family face certain death.” First, you’re shocked. Then you’re afraid and desperate… but to survive, and to protect those you love, you have no choice. Your family quickly packs a few things in despair. You all say goodbye to your home and your former life. Then you walk for days on end with your neighbors to some foreign camp… Read More »Refugees at Al Wehdat Camp Need Your Help